Testing & Support Services

Our software testing expertise delivers measurable results, increasing quality and optimising costs and time to deliver.

Knowing that ‘prevention is better than cure’, our approach involves early lifecycle testing, focused testing improvement initiatives and enabling client teams.

Performance testing

Do you know whether your system, website or app will perform as your users expect? What happens under load and stress? Do not leave it to chance - ensure that you have confidence and peace of mind by carrying out structured performance tests.

Providing support for your existing bespoke software and applications

When your software isn’t performing as it should, neither is your business. But it could be difficult to find out why. The original developers may no longer be around or temporary fixes have been found as new technology initiatives take priority. At D-Cipher Software, we don’t just fix the bugs. We stabilise your systems and resolve performance issues, allowing you to maximise your original investment.

• Troubleshoot and fix issues
• Reduce maintenance costs
• Free up IT resource to work on other projects
• Provide scheduled maintenance
• Prolong the life of existing systems
• Ensure systems are ready for integration

Please contact us to find out more about our testing and support services.

We listen carefully to our clients

so that we understand not only the technical issues but also your business context. Our advice is detailed and precise but always made clear.

Different screen size support
  • We deliver quality software

    We build long-term partnerships with our clients based on trust and the delivery of outstanding software.

  • Resolution focused

    Our goal is to translate your business challenges into workable technology solutions. We do this for new developments as well as your existing systems.

  • Straightforward IPR policy

    D-Cipher has an extremely straightforward policy on Intellectual Property Rights (e.g. copyrights and patents) - all IPR is assigned to the customer when the final payment is made.