Project Rescue

Is your system development project running behind schedule?

Has your provider failed to deliver on the service and timescale they promised? Have you been left with a half-finished project or is your provider dragging their heels on ironing out glitches in a system they installed? Every day lost means precious time and money wasted, not to mention the additional stress you could do without. In all these cases our team will only be too happy to help get your stalled project back up to speed. Many times we have been able to complete such projects, taking a fraction of the time others would have required. Get in touch with us today if you’re facing such a time constraint and find out the ways we can help bring your project back on track.

Are your current developers overwhelmed?

A software project becoming a complex, tangled web beyond the control of the development team is something that happens quite often with inexperienced companies. While there are times when the system requirements bring such a situation about, there are times when such complexity can be blamed on a poor designed and structured system. If you have noticed that your current developers seem to be unable to complete the project on time, get in touch with us. We keep the architecture of our systems simple, keeping its complex under-workings out of sight so that they are easy to use and maintain.

Have you been left with an unfinished project?

Have you been handed over an incomplete system due to an accidental event or some lack of capacity on the part of your developer? We can step in and help clear up their mess before it damages your business. We have a team of developers dedicated to handling emergency requests and will be happy to assist you whether the project just requires bringing to completion or to be started afresh from scratch. Even in the latter case, you can rest assured that we will complete the project within a time-frame that works for you.

D-Cipher are able to work faster and more efficiently than many of our competitors....

We use tried and tested in-house technology that has been derived from working with many different projects.

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  • We deliver quality software

    We build long-term partnerships with our clients based on trust and the delivery of outstanding software.

  • Resolution focused

    Our goal is to translate your business challenges into workable technology solutions. We do this for new developments as well as your existing systems.

  • Straightforward IPR policy

    D-Cipher has an extremely straightforward policy on Intellectual Property Rights (e.g. copyrights and patents) - all IPR is assigned to the customer when the final payment is made.