Market Sectors

Private Mobile Radio

PMR is still the mainstay for professional business grade communications. Today’s technology has more of an emphasis on robust data delivery over the provision of speech. D-Cipher Software have the skills to extend the capabilities of these private systems with mission critical grade network applications. D-Ciphers have already deployed applications that bridge the gap between legacy analogue systems and new digital standards such as DMR, MOTOTRBO and LTE.


The efficient running of any plant requires strong and reliable infrastructure often with custom applications software. This could be to manage alarms or monitor process control making split second decisions to change mixes or reject a product. D-Cipher have developed and deployed custom products specifically for the monitoring of chemical mixing using optical devices and multiple sensing devices automatically controlling the whole process.

Access Control & Gate Automation

In today’s unstable world business locations need to be secure; some more than others. D-Cipher Software provides convergence between many different systems, making them as one. CCTV systems can link with your Fire and Alarm Panel, then right through to your Gate or Barrier as well as your security guard on his walkie-talkie. With secure connections it is possible to alert off-site managers, allowing them visibility of events whilst giving them control of site assets.

Secure Website CMS Portals

More and more businesses provide customers with a personalised on-line experience, such as supplying secure login areas making documents accessible 24/7, thus imparting a more rounded and engaging experience. This is particularly useful when a business supports a customer across multiple time zones. D-Cipher’s services include the design, deployment and support of a Customer Management System specifically designed to the client’s exact specification.

Control Room Integration

In a control room environment, connection between different agencies and technologies has to be as seamless as possible to ensure the operator can handle any situation. D-Cipher is able to provide convergence of technologies, bringing multiple streams of communication together. This could be anything from a vehicle location application to a dispatcher integrating with VOIP and mobile voice communications.

Remote System Monitoring

Systems with remote sites are difficult to monitor, especially in the winter months when sites have limited access. To ensure the smooth running of these systems, it is essential to react quickly to situations. Software support tools designed by D-Cipher are capable of monitoring wide area systems, reporting any small changes via email and / or SMS to on call engineers e.g. a low temperature alarm. Remote controlled interaction is also possible.

Automated Booking Systems

Fleet booking systems with a fully integrated GPS location capability can vastly improve the operational efficiency of any vehicle deployment, speeding up availability and cutting fuel costs. D-Cipher provides integration and convergence of these systems. Technologies include carriers such as Wi-Fi, Cellular and Private Mobile Radio infrastructure.

Our Key Services:

Web Applications

The future of software applications, no installation and no OS requirements. Works on phones, tablets and computers.

Business Applications

Helping your business to run more smoothly and effectively. Custom applications that work the way you work.

Support & Maintenance

Changes and updates can play havoc with software. We are here to see that there are no interuptions to your business.

Custom Databases

The power behind online catalogues and databases. Search, sort and return thousands of records in milliseconds.

Portal Software

Secure access to a private online channel through which you can provide support and information to your customers.

Licensing & authorisation

Protect your investment in niche and low volume markets. Lock and secure your applications with a single USB device.

Hardware Integration

Retrieve data from your connected hardware, process and re-format, ready for analysis by third party software.


Our experienced developers will give an unbiased opinion on how to align your technology with your business plan.

Project Rescue

When your software project fails to deliver, we can pick up the pieces and keep your business on track.

We listen carefully to our clients

so that we understand not only the technical issues but also your business context. Our advice is detailed and precise but always made clear.